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Saturday Night Shenanigans


Sire:  Saturday Night Lucky Duck RN
Dam: Topbrass Alpine Babe
Whelped: April 30, 2013

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November 2014 - 17 Months

November 1, 2014

Achievements: Lulu is a high drive girl with impeccable house and field manners. She is a talented bird dog; her first season in the field was in 2014. She has a hot nose just like her parents and is a strong retriever.



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Saturday Night Lucky Duck RN



 FC AFC Topbrass Band On The Run FDHF

  FC AFC OTCH Topbrass Ascending Elija OS FDHF
  Topbrass New Lisa On Life *** OD
  Wrinkle Bean's Lucy
  Tangelo Howdy Pardner***
  Honey's Golden Widgeon


 Topbrass Alpine Babe

  FC AFC Emberain Beau Geste OS FDHF
FC Wraiths HTR MN Bro Macdhuibh OS
  Emberain All Buttered Up CDX JH MX MXJ OC OD
  Ram River Teal of Topbrass
  Tangelo Woodchuck MH *** OS
  Peanut Brittle V Am/Can *** OS




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